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Orlando Divorce Modifications Lawyer

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Although you may think your current divorce agreement is set in stone, this is not the case. Modifications to existing child support, alimony (spousal support) and parental time-share agreements are often necessary to reflect the ever-changing lives of the parties involved. At The Law Office of Charles E. Gordon, I will keep your best interests in mind as I work to achieve the results you need.

Do you need an experienced lawyer to help you modify an existing divorce agreement? I have nearly 40 years of experience handling divorce modification cases. Contact me to schedule an appointment to discuss your situation.

Child Support, Alimony and Child Custody Modifications

Circumstances beyond your control may make it difficult, if not impossible, to fulfill your financial obligations. You may be in a situation where it is becoming increasingly burdensome to fulfill your child support and alimony responsibilities. Maybe you have recently lost your job, and the child support you are currently receiving is no longer enough to provide for your children. Whatever your situation, I will look at your case to determine if a modification is possible.

Circumstances in which an alimony or child support order may be modified can include:

  • Substantial increase or decrease of income
  • Loss of job
  • Other major life change

My Florida office can also help you modify an existing parental time-share agreement. If there has been a substantial change in circumstances since your agreement was made and you believe it would be in the best interests of your child to modify that agreement, I will work with you to discuss your options.

A substantial change in circumstances can be a justification for a modification of a parental time-sharing agreement.

Orlando Divorce Modifications Attorney

If you need help modifying an existing child support, alimony or time-share agreement, The Law Office of Charles E. Gordon can help. Call 800-219-4585 or contact a Winter Park, FL, child support modification attorney to discuss your options.

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