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Orlando Child Relocation Lawyer

Defending the Rights of You and Your Child

Unfortunately, it is impossible to predict the future. At a moment's notice, life events such as a change in employment or a new relationship may require a parent to pack up and move to a different city or state. In other cases, a parent may want to relocate for reasons that may not seem legitimate or justifiable to the other parent. In any relocation situation, the significant issues of child support and child custody often arise.

Relocation cases can be very complicated. If you are thinking of relocating and bringing your child with you, or if the mother or father of your child is thinking about relocating, it is important to retain a knowledgeable attorney who can help you understand your rights as they relate to your case.

Are you thinking of a relocation? Contact me to discuss your situation. I can help you to protect the rights of you and your children.

Orlando Child Relocation Attorney

When considering child relocation, the court will ultimately consider what is in the best interests of the child. It will also consider how the relocation will affect the child, as well as the reasons behind the parent's desire to relocate.

In Florida, a parent may not relocate a child more than 50 miles from where he or she resided prior to dissolution of marriage unless that parent has the permission of the other parent or permission from the court. If you do not have the other parent's consent, you will need to petition the court for approval.

Child relocation proceedings can be a complex and time-intensive process. It is important to have a skilled lawyer on your side. I have extensive experience representing both sides of the child relocation issue. I will work vigorously on your behalf and will be committed to achieving the results you need.

Call 800-219-4585 or contact an experienced Winter Park parental relocation attorney to discuss your Florida divorce relocation issues.

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